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What makes you different?

At Avidian we have invested in AI driven analytics, expert staff, and building a strong network to provide forward thinking solutions for our clients. 

We believe that each client is unique and take a consultative approach to bring the solutions that will yield the best results and align with the vision of the practice. 

How do you charge for End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management?

Our End-to-End Revenue Cycle Management services are priced on a percentage of revenue received.  This model allows our fee to be directly tied to your success.  Percentage rate is dependent on several factors and will be part of the proposal presented to each client based on their Free Analysis.  Rates range from 5% – 8%.

What billing platform do you use?

We are platform agnostic.  Our team has experience working on most of the major billing platforms in the industry.  If you do not have a billing platform in place we have a few that we recommend based on the needs of the client.

Why Outsource Billing?

Industry experts – consistent cashflow – AI backed Analytics – Payment tied to performance 

No more cashflow disruptions due to staff turnover, illness or vacations.   

Outsourcing allows your practice access to certified billers/coders and industry experts that have visibility across the industry that can be applied to the success of your practice. 

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(855) 767 8464

6735 Salt Cedar Way
Bldg 1 Suite 300
Frisco, TX 75034